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CLIENT BRIEF - A Professional Speaker client needed a mailing piece to house information in a creative way that would rise above the clutter of other speakers who were sending traditional marketing information in a typical envelope. The piece needed to generate an immediate call to action.

OBJECTIVE - The goal was to send the piece in bulk and also to individuals on an as-needed basis. The desired outcome was a 50% response rate, 10 new speaking engagements and 10 new consulting contracts.

EXECUTION & STRATEGY - The piece was patterned after an orange juice container with a take-off on the ingredients like: Innovation 100%, Creativity 100%, etc. Also, an orange air freshener was placed inside along with a cover letter, business reply card and pen. The carton was then sealed in clear film, and a label was affixed with postage so that when it was received it had instant impact.

OVERALL RESULTS - To date, 65 pieces have been sent to targeted groups and individual people with remarkable results - 12 New speaking engagements and 20 new consulting contracts.

CLIENT BRIEF- Many marketers are hampered with methods of cutting through the clutter and securing new business opportunities. Utilizing a Swiss Army© knife and comparing the functions of that knife to what the salesperson did created a unique door-opener for gaining appointments.

OBJECTIVE - To generate a higher than normal response rate to cold calling and direct mail. Desired result was to achieve a 20% response rate and six new client meetings.

EXECUTION & STRATEGY - A creative marketing piece was sent to 137 targeted prospective new clients. The marketing piece was designed to create a connection between two dissimilar objects: a salesperson and a Swiss Army© knife.

A comparison was made to each of the functions of the knife and how that related to the salesperson and, more importantly, how that connection benefited the prospect.

OVERALL RESULTS - The marketing piece generated an amazing 86% response rate and nearly 104 client meetings either via phone or in person. This exceeded the projections by 300% for the response rates and 1700% for client meetings.

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